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Welcome to Cockatiel Care Center

My name is Shari Hickman, and I’ve been a bird person for over 25 years, raising cockatiels, parakeets and zebra finches. I absolutley love birds and their different pesonalities and loving demeanors. We really enjoy hanging out with our three cockatiels that we currently have. Keeping cockatiels can be one of the most rewarding experiences… and challenging experiences if you don’t know for sure how to properly tame and train your cockatiel.

So I created CockatielCareCenter.com as a free resource for others who wish to either learn how to care for cockatiels or as an added resource for the veteran cockatiel lover to better understand them and thus enhance their bond and relationship with them.

Here on my website, you’ll find a number of resources to help you learn more about getting started and caring for your cockatiel as a pet as well as tackling those behavior issues that may be frustrating you.

Some of the topics include: best cockatiel cages and equipment, what you should know about breeding cockatiels, how to tell if your cockatiel is ill, what kind of cockatiel food is best, understanding your cockatiel’s behavior and nipping unacceptable behavior in the bud. If you are new to cockatiel ownership, the info on training cockatiels and taming cockatiels will be really beneficial to you.  Visit my cockatiel pictures webpage to see the different varieties of cockatiels including Pearl cockatiels. There is even a cockatiel care slideshow on my cockatiel birds page. So enjoy my website and feel free to browse the “Additional Info” link at the bottom of this page for this valuable information.

Or you can purchase one of my two convenient downloadable ebooks to receive this essential information in more detail so you can have the happiest, best behaved cockatiel in town.

In my Exclusive “Ultimate Pet Cockatiel Guide”, You’ll Learn:

The distinct characteristics of cockatiels and how to decide if cockatiels are for you

10 crucial questions to ask yourself before adopting a cockatiel as a pet

The 3 essentials to a properly equipped cockatiel cage… and the one thing you DON’T want to leave out…

How to easily and effortlessly adjust to your cockatiel once you bring him home… and the two things you should NEVER do…

 The tell-tale signs of illness and what you should do…

The 2 keys to your cockatiel’s behavior you must understand or your cockatiel will gain the upper hand…

The 1-2-3’s of taming your cockatiel…. leave one step out and you may be in trouble…

The fastest, most proven method for teaching your cockatiel to speak…

Conquering special behavior problems immediately… proven methods for frustrated cockatiels and owners…

Much, much more!

Cockatiel Care

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Shari Hickman

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