Cockatiel Food – Keep Him Happy And Healthy

Feeding your cockatiel the right food in his diet is very important to not only his overall health but to the sleekness of his feathers and his digestive system. Just like we function better with a well-rounded diet consisting of various key nutrients, cockatiels also thrive best with a complete food regimen.

Cockatiels in the wild thrive on a pretty simple food regimen. They eat seeds of various grasses and other plants, wild cereal grains and if they are near cultivated cropland, ripe wheat or corn kernels. Your cockatiel’s primary diet should consist of a seed mixture of various seeds which you can find in your local pet store.

These mixtures supply your cockatiel with all the carbohydrates, fat, protein and minerals needed including some vitamins. You should also supplement his diet with greens and fruit on a regular basis. Don’t feed your cockatiel directly from the refrigerator, but bring it to room temperature and wash in warm water and dry before giving to your cockatiel.

Try to avoid letting your cockatiel eat what you do from the table. A lot of that food is not good for your cockatiel unless it is on the good foods list. Also be careful that it is not hot so he doesn’t burn himself. You will find that your cockatiel loves to snitch the food you are eating. So it is a good idea to have food that he can eat handy to give to him while you are eating. Birds eat in flocks so this is a natural instinct with him to want to eat what you have or to eat while you are eating.

Cockatiel Food

Cockatiels should also have plenty of grit and a mineral block in the cage at all times.

When you are training your cockatiel to do tricks or sing etc, it is a good idea to hold back his favorite treats for rewards.  This is good incentive for him to complete the task you are trying to get him to do and works very well.

This is the basics about cockatiel care involving their diet and nutrition. A well balanced diet will keep your cockatiel active and healthy as well as helping him to avoid any common illnesses. About the only health problems we have had with our cockatiels is the occasional cold and sniffles.


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