5 Things To Look For In A Good Cockatiel Breeder

When choosing to purchase a cockatiel, you have two main choices of where to go. You can go down to the local pet shop to purchase one or you can purchase from a breeder who specializes in cockatiels. Deciding the best place to purchase a cockatiel depends on your reasons for wanting to own a cockatiel.

If you want to tame and train your cockatiel or breed them, then a private breeder is probably your best bet. If you really aren’t concerned about training or breeding, then a local pet store would be just fine. So what are the differences between to two? Here is a short list of what the major differences are.

Local Pet Shop:

• Unless the pet shop has attained the cockatiel from a private breeder, you may not know the history of the cockatiel you are looking to purchase. The history of your cockatiel is important if you want to tame and train him. You really need to know what kind of environment your cockatiel has been in prior to going to the pet shop. Has he been abused, neglected etc. All this will affect how easy he will be to tame and train.

• A pet shop may not know how old your cockatiel is. Pet shops attain birds from various places and chances are you will never know for sure the age of a cockatiel. An older cockatiel isn’t as easy to train as a younger one because he has probably already attained a bunch of bad habits that will be hard to overcome. In the same way, an older cockatiel is harder to train. The optimal time for training cockatiels is when they are several months old as this is the best time for their young minds to learn things.

• A pet shop many not know the history of the health of your cockatiel. You will never know if your cockatiel has had some illness or health problems prior to coming to the pet shop. Although he may look healthy, he could still be suffering from some kind of malady that could flair up after you bring him home.

Reputable Cockatiel Breeder:

• A cockatiel breeder will have a complete written history of your cockatiel from hatching date to diet to health status.  He will also have the breeding history of any exotic breed mixes such as Lutino cockatiels, pied cockatiels and pearl cockatiels etc.

• Cockatiel breeders mostly sell younger cockatiels because they are easier to tame and train. Also their cockatiels most likely will be hand raised and tame already, making your job much easier.

Cockatiel Breeder

• A cockatiel breeder will have a complete health history of your cockatiel so you know you are obtaining a prime specimen. If your breeder is local so you can visit him, you can ask to see his breeding and raising facilities so you can see for yourself the environment your cockatiel has been hatched into.

• By doing business with a cockatiel breeder, you have the opportunity to ask him questions about all the aspects of your cockatiel’s life and history.

• You also have the opportunity to observe a breeder’s interaction with his cockatiels in their cages and out of the cage to see whether they are happy and well behaved. This tells you so much about what your cockatiel will have for personality traits.

These tips will help you in your decision of where to purchase your cockatiel. This decision should not be taken lightly as this will have a huge impact on your ability to tame and train your cockatiel properly and successfully. Purchasing your cockatiel from the right place will save you and your cockatiel a lot of frustration and unnecessary stress.

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