Quick Tips For Taming Your Cockatiel

How quickly you can tame your cockatiel will depend on several factors. If your cockatiel was hand raised by a cockatiel breeder, he may already be tame and you will just need to help him adjust to you and his new home. Cockatiels purchased from a pet store may take a little more taming, especially if they have been there a long time and haven’t had much human interaction. If you purchase a cockatiel from another owner directly, it will depend on how the cockatiel was treated by the previous owner and what kind of relationship the owner had with the cockatiel.

How well you tame your cockatiel will also effect how well you will be able to train your cockatiel to do tricks, sing etc. Here are some guidelines to follow when taming your new cockatiel:

1. It is best to start the process as soon as you get your new cockatiel home. Let him adjust to his surrounding for ½ hour or so and then start working with him and getting him used to you and you presence.

2. The best method of taming your cockatiel is by a reward system to reward him for his accomplishments as he becomes tamed and trained. Reward him with some kind of food he likes such as millet.

3. Respect his space and don’t try to push yourself on him or too close to him until he is ready and comfortable with that contact. You don’t want to program him to be afraid of you, so respect him and what he is feeling.

Taming Cockatiels

4. Approach him slowly until he doesn’t back away from you, reward him for not backing away when you get so close to him.

5. Keep rewarding him as he allows you to get closer to him.

6. Train him to touch a stick first and then your hand or finger. Reward for each accomplishment. Back away when he is uncomfortable and try again later.

Follow these procedures several times a day. You don’t want to have your cockatiel get too tired. So let him rest before trying again. By rewarding all his accomplishments, you will have a tame cockatiel in no time who will bond with you and be a loving companion for you.

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